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The Mountain Life Team

Should You Use a North Georgia Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home?

Even though nearly 9 out of 10 homeowners ultimately list their home with a real estate agent, let’s face it: the thought of going it alone does go through many minds. And surveys confirm the primary motivation, which is, of course, saving the agent’s fee. Pocketing that cash would add that much more to the bottom line—that’s just common sense! Isn’t it…? What makes sense in theory doesn’t always work out that way in the actual marketplace—in fact, the probabilities actually point... > Continue Reading >

The Mountain Life Team

Finding Neighborhoods in North Georgia That Fit Your Wish List

There’s a lot you can change about a house. You can repaint it, renovate the interior, landscape the yard. The one thing you can’t change is its location—and there’s abundant truth in the familiar list with the three most important words in real estate: location, location, location… That’s why if you're hoping to move to North Georgia, getting to know as much as possible about the neighborhoods is so important when you are searching for the right local home. The characteristics... > Continue Reading >

The Mountain Life Team

A Taste of Disney in North Georgia???

Where can you get a taste of the Walt Disney magic in our small mountain community in the North Georgia Mountains?  Well, check out the beautiful artistry of former Disney Artist- Art Millican, Jr. You won't believe the mystical fairy garden that sits on a mountain side in Blairsville, Georgia.  Take a peak here and prepare to be amazed! So are you ready to grab the kids and come to Blairsville, Georgia to visit the fairy garden?  It's FREE admission &... > Continue Reading >