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The Mountain Life Team

Busy North Georgia Households and Home Showings Can Mix!

Selling your North Georgia home quickly and for the highest price possible demands that the North Georgia showings be proactively appealing: that is, more than just a passive display of the residential “merchandise.” To make the most of the advantageous situation that any showing should be, both you and your Realtor® must adopt the approach of any successful salesperson—namely, being certain every potential customer is shown the best aspects of the product. When it comes to North Georgia home showings,... > Continue Reading >

The Mountain Life Team

Another SOLD!!! 427 Evening Shade Walk – Mineral Bluff, GA

Congratulations to  Charles and Jaqueline Fannin of Mineral Bluff, GA on the sale of their cabin on Evening Shade Walk!  Another hearty congrats to - Roger Remington & Yvette Matzek of Cumming, GA on the purchase of their new cabin in North Georgia.  Two happy customers makes The Mountain Life Team happy, happy, happy! If you're looking to buy or sell in the North Georgia area...give us a call and let The Mountain Life Team | Chad Lariscy help get you... > Continue Reading >

The Mountain Life Team

Boosting a North Georgia Home’s Selling Price (Without Overdoing)

For just about everyone who will soon be preparing to list their home in North Georgia, selling price is a principal focus. What price will this Fall’s market support? How will that number affect the time it takes to attract serious buyers? Are there ways to maximize the ultimate selling price without squandering a lot of time and capital? While there certainly are broad market factors that contribute to a North Georgia home’s final selling price, there are others that... > Continue Reading >