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The Mountain Life Team

Labor Day Trivia…

So here's some Labor Day trivia to stump all your family & friends as they're gathered around enjoying the traditional cook-out! Enjoy!      When was the first Labor Day parade held in the United States? Answer: September 5, 1882 in New York City Which US President signed the bill making Labor Day a National Holiday and what Year?  Answer: Grover Cleveland, under pressure from voters, signed the legislation in 1894 Who is the Father of Labor Day in America? Answer: Peter McGuire – founder of the United Brotherhood... > Continue Reading >

The Mountain Life Team

Is It Time to Move On from Your North Georgia Empty Nest?

The kids are gone. Your big house seems either dreadfully empty or just plain wasteful.  Congrats: you are officially in possession of a North Georgia empty nest! Now it’s time to consider where and how you want to live next. When Do You Sell? It's not a bad time to be selling in North Georgia with our Fall blitz about to begin—but since you will be buying, too, you would have to deduce that it might not be the perfect time to... > Continue Reading >

The Mountain Life Team

North Georgia Virtual Tours & Video

In today’s culture, more and more often shopping of all kinds has become a virtual affair. Instant information is at everyone’s fingertips—nowhere truer than in North Georgia real estate. No sooner has today’s buyer made the decision to start looking than—boom!—the laptop/tablet/iPhone is out and North Georgia videos & virtual tours are underway. What’s most surprising is the key finding of the joint Google-NAR study of the growth of the web in home buying. "90% of home buyers searched online during... > Continue Reading >